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StrongerTogetherX as ONE!

Join Conscious COmmUNITY Network of InterConnected Light Leaders, Starseeds Wayshowers, Super Connectors, Changemakers & Creators!

Our Mission Is To Uplift Humanity Together🕊

StrongerTogetherX is a heart-centered conscious cOmmUNITY network of Interconnected Light Leaders, Starseeds Wayshowers, Super Connectors, Changemakers & Creators who connect the dots to activate superpowers to be #StrongerTogetherX as ONE. 🕊

Our mission is to be StrongerTogetherX as ONE to activate highest potential to uplift humanity together. Our guiding stars are based on Universal Law of ONE and the Golden Rule of Reciprocity. We are all interconnected. We give, receive and exchange gifts to uplift and co-create abundance together. 🕊

We hold space virtually at the Peace Cafe to anchor in peace and connect with higher purpose through global peace meditation healing circles, wisdom activation circles, heart tank masterminds, masterclass workshops, summit retreats & immersive heart activated experiences. Join us to spread peace, love, harmony global movements to spark ripple effects together! 🌍

Hold Space With Us To Connect With Higher Purpose🕊

StrongerTogetherX Virtual Peace Cafe🕊

Welcome! Inner peace is global peace. We hold sacred space virtually to raise collective vibrations for world peace with light leaders, healers & kindred spirits. Join us! 🕊

Drop in for a daily cup of meditation zen & meaningful conversations.

Every Monday-Friday 9am SF | 12pm NY | 6pm Paris

StrongerTogetherX Initiatives to Be Stronger Together🕊

Join our events to connect with Interconnected Leaders around the world!

#StrongerTogetherX 💜 Light Leaders Activation Healing

#StrongerTogetherX 💙 Super Connectors Connect-the-Dots

#StrongerTogetherX 💚 Seeding the Future Together 🌱


Activating superpowers and passion projects to raise vibrations to change the world together!

Super Connect With Higher Purpose🕊

WisdOm Healing Circles

Seeding The Future Together

Global Movements Together

Heart Tank Masterminds

MasterClass Workshops

Summit Retreats

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"5D Abundance"