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Stronger Together as ONE!

Join Conscious COmmUNITY Network of Interconnected Light Leaders, Wayshowers, Super Connectors, Changemakers & Creators!

Our Mission Is To Uplift Humanity Together🕊

StrongerTogetherX is a heart-centered conscious cOmmUNITY network of Interconnected Light Leaders, Wayshowers, Super Connectors, Changemakers & Creators who connect the dots to activate superpowers to be #StrongerTogetherX as ONE. 🕊

Our mission is activate highest potential to spark ripple effects to uplift humanity together. Our guiding stars are based on Universal Law of One and the Golden Rule of Reciprocity ~ We are all connected. Give what you want to receive. 🕊

We hold space virtually at the Peace Cafe to connect with higher purpose through interconnected wisdom healing circles, heart tank masterminds, masterclass workshops, summit retreats & immersive heart activated experiences. Join us to spread peace, love, harmony global movements together! 🌍

Hold Space With Us To Connect With Higher Purpose🕊

StrongerTogetherX Virtual Peace Cafe🕊

Welcome! Inner peace is global peace. We hold sacred space virtually to raise collective vibrations for world peace with light leaders, healers & kindred spirits. Join us! 🕊

Drop in for a daily cup of meditation zen & meaningful conversations.

Every Monday-Friday 9am SF | 12pm NY | 6pm Paris

StrongerTogetherX Initiatives to Be Stronger Together🕊

Join our events to connect with Super Connectors, Changemakers & Light Leaders around the world!

#StrongerTogetherX 💜 Light Leaders Activation Healing

#StrongerTogetherX 💙 Super Connectors Connect-the-Dots

#StrongerTogetherX 💚 Seeding the Future Together 🌱


Activating superpowers and passion projects to raise vibrations to change the world together!

Super Connect With Higher Purpose🕊

WisdOm Healing Circles

Seeding The Future Together

Global Movements Together

Heart Tank Masterminds

MasterClass Workshops

Summit Retreats

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"5D Abundance"